Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Poopie Post From A Remote Lokayshun

You may has noticed that our last post was Thursday June 9th.  Well on Friday June 10th our computer pooped out.  My mommeh is sooooooooooooo maddies.  Two month old Macbook Pro should not just poop out for no reason.  So on Saturday we sented her off to teh Apple store and she waited there three hours before finally being told we needs a new hard drive.  (Hisssssss!)  Apparently we just received a dud drive in our machine, it had been faulty from teh beginning and was only a matter of time until it went kaput.  They is replacing it for frees, so we is trying not to complain too much, but it is super stinkies to be wifout a computer til it is fixed.  They say it should be done by teh end of this week but who realleh knows wif these things?  So we is hijacking anover computer for this post.

Anyways, look what we did:
These pikshers was take'd on two different days, and it looks like two different culprits, doesn't it?  We is not telling who did which poop where, or why, and we has my mommeh totally buggin.  All we can says is she discovered these after coming home from being gone FAR too long on two separate occasions.  She is not happeh we is pooping next to and on top of teh litterbox, instead of in it.  This has neber happened before.  But we has our reasons.  Or so we tells her.


  1. Yikes! A dead MacBook Pro and poop of unknown origin in the wrong places! That is not good, girls.

    We are assuming that the "Pro" is still under full guarantee so they had better do what needs to be done! #1 hasn't had any probs with hers but she got the 3-year coverage, just in case!

    The Chans

  2. Uh oh...somekitty was UNHAPPY! That's a pretty pooptacular way to get your Mom's attention...

  3. If I had to leap into a litter box like that to go to the bathroom, I would poop next to it instead too. But you two are used to it, I assume, so there is probably something else going on... especially considering that you did it after your human took too much time away from you!

  4. When my humans were in Florida, I peed on the bathroom mat, something I never do! We gotta send messages sometimes.

    Mom is surprised they are taking so long with the MacBook Pro hard drive. My sister had the 3 year coverage and her drive went bad after 2 1/2 years on her regular Macbook.. They fixed it in one day at the Apple Store. Maybe it is harder to get replacement parts now due to the earthquake in Japan or something?

  5. We always have our reasons when it comes to poop. It like a Rule in the Kitteh Codebook or something. Drives the humans nuts figuring it out!

  6. Maybe the poop was fur the broken computer hehe. I saw on the Xmas in July post we ares partners =^__^= purrlease send mah Humom an email wif your infoz. tdietrich79(at)gmail(dot)com
    Bengal Trio

  7. Oh my word, who snuck in the house and did that!
    Benny & Lily

  8. My little Muffin who is in Cat Heaven, looked at me and poohed in the entry way when I arrived home happy to see her from a week in DC. Apparently, she was a little mad.

  9. Oh we hate computer problems!! We hope yours gets fixed quick!!

  10. Ha ha ha! Sneak-a-poos! My favorite! Well, not that **I** would ever do such a thing (I am a perfect gentleman about such matters), but I find it heelaireeous when other kittehs does this to teach the Humans a lesson. Good job, girls!

  11. What a cool poo-pee box!
    Lucky thinks, if one day, if we do have a similar box like that, Ginger will never make it out!

    Love, Lucky the slim and lean!! (We are of the same club!)


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