Friday, February 25, 2011

Miss Cake's First Birfday Gift!

Teh present we gotted Audrey for her verreh first birfday arrived, and here it is!  Genuine Swarovski topaz for our little five-pound-princess.   Although it is verreh hard to gets her to slow down enuff for a piksher these days...  She is uhmmm...  Uncomfortable just now, MOL.  To says it wifout saying it, we has to schedule her ladygardenectomy.  Annnnnywayyyyy...  Before any of you mancats gets any ideas, here is teh prezzie.

Near teh end of this video you can hears Miss Cake's purr!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Product Review: The SunnySeat!

Over teh weekend, we hadded teh chance to review teh SunnySeat, a great new product!  Here is a video of me and Miss Cake, bof trying it out.  We did likes it!  It was nice and warm in teh window, and we could be up higher than usual to see what was happening in teh outsideys.  (sorreh teh video is dark, do not knows what happened there.)

So first we readed the 'strukshuns.

Then we spented a little sunpuddle time wif teh box it came in, just for good measure.  (We hadded to take advantage of this sunpuddle, it was teh only one we has hadded all winter around here!)

Then we gotted down to busyness.  Teh SunnySeat came'd in a few pieces.  You can sees two sukshun cups here, that we attached laters.

And here you can sees teh seat and its wires/springs.  Notice teh bottle of window cleaner - make sure you cleans your window AND all 4 sukshun cups of teh SunnySeat before you tries to attach to teh window!  You do not want to has a weak seal and go falling!

These is what came'd already attached.

And at teh base of teh seat there is a hole on either side, like this, that you pushes those separate sukshun cups into...

...Like so.

Then it is readeh to attach.  You puts teh seat on teh window first, then the wires.

Make sure you lets your adventurous little sis-ter tries it first of course.

When it seems she is not about to fall down (or explode, or anyfing crazy), you can go ups to join her and checks it out too.

Kitteh silhouette.

Seems nice and sturdy, Mommeh!

Yes it does.  And look at everyfing I can sees!

Neber been this high up in a window before...  In teh spring this will be great for BirdTV.

 *Attie's Happy Smile Face*

All in all we gives teh SunnySeat 4 paws up!  It is easy to assemble, stronger than it looks, and definitely excellent for nayberhood observayshuns.  We can not waits to has this up all teh time come summer, for sleeping in warm window sunpuddles and watching teh world go by.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Vallentime from Mommeh

 Mine mommeh also gotted us a Vallentime prezzie!  Check it out:
A box!

Is it for meeeeee?  *sniffa-snoofa*

Yis...  smells like a kitteh fing...  *snuffa*  Mommeh, what is it???


Lets teh inspekshun commence!!!

My mommeh putted our new heatie bed unner teh tv table for now.

Is a good spot, feels safe and comfy, wif some privacy.


Yis, is good here.




Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Vallentimes Surprise!

We wanted to post this earlier, but we is having some major prollems wif uploading pikshers onto teh computer.  It seems we has used ALL our free space...  Hm.  Is a lotta kitteh!  Must figure out some solution soon, but anyways, today we wants to show you teh pawsome surprise we gotted from auntees and her kittehs Molly and Gray for Vallentimes!!!  It came'd in teh mails and my mommeh broughted it home and it was just teh fing to gives us all a smile.
 Miss Cake, come see, we has a prezzie!  I sees fevvers...!

Oh boys, a card, how cute, who is it from?

 I will reads it, Attie.

 It is from auntees!!!  And her kittehs, Molly and Gray!  How foughtful.  Look, here is Molly watchin her sportie programs.  Hai, Molly!

 Move over, I wants to see too.

Oh and here is Gray, all snuggled up, hai Gray!

 Wow, Attie, just lookit all this stuffs!

 Our furrends sure is nice!
 Open these bags right up, mommeh, these is new Temtayshuns flayvors we has never seed afore!

 Mmmm, delishus!
 Nom!  Hits teh spot!

 This is mine new favorite toy.  I wanted him out of teh package RIGHTNOW, mol.  And he has definitely been mine toy of teh week, I carries him all over teh place.  And as you can sees, I decided right away that he would be mine.  Sorreh, big sis-ter.