Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kitteh Hotel

Well we was hoping to has more bloggie time before teh big separayshun, but we takes what we can gets around here.  *sigh*  My mommeh is all packed, readeh to leaves us, UGH, and we is all set up at our kitteh quarters.  We broughted our fountain, foods bowls. cat tree, tunnel, toys, and litterbox. So I geusses it is not SOOOOO bad...  But we will miss her.  We hopes she comes back in one piece.  Who would gives us teh noms?!

Byebye, mommeh.  Has fun in Thailand and we wants lottttttttts of prezzies when you gets back.  We is pretteh crabilated wif you for leaving, especially after we take'd such good care of you as nursekittehs, but we is trying to unnerstand and deal wif it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

We is alive!!!

Oi vey and oh my cod.  Do not panick peoples, we is alive!  It has been sooooooooo long since we has been able to get to teh bloggie.  Things has been just crazypants over here.  Srsly.  Not a joke.  Crazypants I tells you.  After teh Hurry Cane, my mommeh gotted all sickies and needed surgery on her ladygarden.  That take'd a while to get her better from, but we was excellent nursekittehs.  And then last week when she finally felted betters, she hadded anover emergency, this time wif her throat, that will require ANOVER surgery just after teh new year.  So needless to says, we was once again efficient and watchful nursekittehs.

Howeber, we has had rather enuff of this nonsense for a while.  We did NOT gets to open our Catmas in July prezzies from Luna, Zulu, and Mercy.  We did NOT gets to open a surprise package we gotted from Auntie Lupie, Lucky, and Spidermeow.  We has NOT been getting our raw meats.  We has NOT been able to visit our bloggie furrends.  And most importantly, I had NOT been able to spend any romantikal time at all wif mine mancat love, Lolo.  Furrustrating.  Verreh furrustrating.  I can not truly blames my mommeh for this, I knows she has been sick...  But I blames her anyways.

And now for teh worstest piece of news.  Not only does we already has all that to catch up wif, we is getting LEFTED soon.  Mommeh is off to Thailand for 10 days on Sept 30.  (Hopefully we will get in a lot more bloggie time before then.)  True we will has excellent care during her absence, but come on, after all this...  realleh?!

Yup.  Peep these crabilated faces.