Sunday, November 20, 2011

200th Post and Announcement!

Oh hai everybuddy!  I knows I has not been on teh bloggie in way too long, but I has a good reason.  Come joins me in teh heatie bed and I tells you.
In honor of our 200th post today, we has a announcement to make concerning why we has not been blogging: we has all been verreh busy here because...... we is moving!  (Yes, AGAIN.)  We thoughted we would be in our current apartment for a while, but it turns out we has hadded quite a stroke of good luck and we is moving onward and upward!  We only has a few more days to throw everyfing into boxes and gets teh furniture and ourselfs readeh to go - teh big move is this coming Saturday the 26th, right after Turkey Day.  We is stressed, but super excited, accause..............wait for our new place we will has.................wait for it some more................OUR OWN ROOM!  Yes, me and Miss Cake will has our verreh own cat bedroom.  We is finking about calling our room Teh Princess Parlor.  What does you guys fink?  Any other ideas on what our kitteh room should be called?!