Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Miss Cake: Sunnus Interruptus.

La-de-daaaa, mew-ma-mewwww, relaxing alone, enjoying mine sunny spot here on teh new couch...

Ugh.  Pawparazzi.  What are YOU doing here? 

 Darn sellebrity status.
Neber a moment of privacy.
When I feels like getting up, I'll sue.
If I feels like getting up.


  1. We figgered a well-known sellebrity, such as yourself, would get use to all the bright lights and flashies.

  2. I hear ya, Audrey! The paparazzi are SO annoying!

  3. We've been enjoying the sun here too! It's been nice and warm, and we are on a crusade to get our dad to put up a bird feeder for us so we can watch them! Do you have a birdfeeder?

  4. Go away, pawparazzi! You are ruining Miss Cake's sun!

  5. It's so rude when a good nap in the sun is interrupted by the pawparazzi!!

  6. Miss CAKE! YOu're HERE! YES! My favorite girl other than your sisfur of course! xoxox

  7. But your beauty, especially with the sun gleaming off your incredible furs, just draws the pawparazzi in!

  8. They are relentless. Just give them that *I don't care* look. That should be easy.

  9. Why can't we cats just relax in piece - humans need so much attention. FAZ


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