Friday, April 6, 2012

Swarovski Cake

My mommeh gotted a prezzie!  It is a little teeny Miss Cake for ner neck, made of black Swarovski crystals.  

(.....I can not says I is not just little bit jellus, but I supposes it is much harder to create mine perfect Bengal Beauty out of crystals than just plain boring black.)


  1. The pendant is charming. No need to be jealous, it is a cat, after all.

  2. That pendant would have to be a lot bigger to get in your awesome Bengal pattern, Attie.

  3. So true. So true. That is a very pretty necklace, though.

  4. That sure is a pretty Audrey-Cake pendant. But we think you are probably right, Miss Attie ... it would be quite hard to capture your unique markings in such a small piece (we bet they are still hard at work on it!). :)


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