Monday, June 18, 2012

Back!!! Wif a brand new novelty!

Checky out whats weeeeeeeeee got!

This wunnerful shelfy thing goes up teh whole doorway...

...all teh way up to HERE!!!

Lazerz set on full stun from sniper perch.

Room for two up here.

Even better when it's just lovely me.

Yup, I coulds realleh gets used to this.
 I claims this skyshelf in teh name of Autumn Marie.

Hey Cakebutt!  I sees you up there!  Off mine skyshelf!

Quick note from Mommeh:  Kitties and friends!  As you all can see, the girls are getting along better and better, and it's time I turned the bloggie back over to Attie, who is definitely feeling much better and more like herself.  Her current medications are keeping her even and in time she will unlearn her recent behavioral mistakes.  As of now she and Miss AudreyCake have begun to play together again, even though there may still be a small spat if things get too rough, but it's clear sailing for the most part.  And so, Mommeh bids you all adieu - the girls will begin posting for themselves again and will be around for visits to you all very soon.


  1. We love your new shelves and we're happy to hear that the girls are getting along again.

  2. I have to know - where did you get that cat tree? It looks like it goes over the door, but still has support at the bottom? I want one for MY cats!

  3. Whoa! I axed Pop for a somewhat similar thing to climb up on the crawl space and he said no. BTW, if you 2 started fighting up on the top, what would your Mommeh do??

  4. Those shelves are AWESOME!! And we're so happy you two are getting along better. YAY!

  5. where did you get those laser eyes?
    Benny & Lily

  6. That is awesome, seeing you two playing together again! That was a really rough patch you had for a while, and I'm that things have improved and are continuing to do so!

  7. they sure seems to be having lotsa fun :)

  8. We are so glad to hear that things are looking up for you girls! And the new equipment is awesome!

    The Chans

  9. HURRAH! We are so happy to hear that the battles are waning. What a strange thing. Thank Cod you two have such a loving and patient Mommy!
    Your new perch thingy looks wonderful and we want one RIGHT NOW!

  10. I am SO glad that you two are getting along again. Goodness knows what in the world went on to make all of that awful drama for the three of you. WHEW! LOVE the new shelves!

  11. Those shelves are just PAWSOME! And we are so, so happy that the two of you are getting along again. :)


  12. That is pawsome.
    MOM we want one of those.
    Attie we are so glad to hear you are back to your ol' self. WE know you are happier too.


  13. Welcome back Attie and Audrey !!!!!
    We love your new door climber and that really cool pad on top of the doors!! We are a bit jealous too!! Maybe that is why you have your eyes on full laser! heehee
    We are very happy to hear you two are getting along quite well too :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  14. That's an awesome tree! And I am so glad you and Audrey are feeling better and back to posting!

  15. Our mum would love to know where you got that pawsome cat tree! (and we would like to know too so she can get one for us!)

    We are glad to hear that Audrey Cake and Attie are being friends again now. :)

  16. Great news the girls are getting along again. What a scare.

    What did the girls do to deserve such a wonderful present? That looks like such fun to play on.

  17. That's amazing... simply AMAZING! I especially love the shelf way up high... where no peeps would dare try to climb. You're two very lucky cats! purrs

  18. So good to see you again! And what a marvelous set of shelves!!!!!

  19. That looks fun, but the glowing eyes are much cooler!

  20. What a wonderful present - and you must feel so safe up top too.

  21. Wow, we love you climber and sky shelf!!!

  22. Glad to hear the girls are getting along better! I understand how frustrating/scary kitty wartime can be.
    I love the corner shelf at the top of the door shelves as well - want to make of of those... :)


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