Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lovely Cake

Nothing is going well yet with the girls.  It's so upsetting.  Tried forcing them to be in the same space for the week but it didn't pan out, even with very heavy doses of medication.  So we are attempting separation again, in the hopes that some calm time away from one another will help.  We shall see.  But I've been taking lots of pictures of them both lately, since my heart is so heavy and I'm not sure if we may lose one.  So here are Miss AudreyCake's recent "glamour shots," and isn't she just gorgeous?  My little house panther is such a wonderful girl.

"Pee-Ess" ---  I just want to say thank you to you all, and several in particular such as Katnip Lounge and Katie Isabella and her mommy, who have been there through all this.  I know I don't get the chance lately to stop by and visit blogs and return your support, friends, but please know that it is so greatly appreciated and a comfort in what feels like dark times.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Back Again, With Bad News.

Hello kitties and friends, unfortunately it's Mommeh here again.  Just as things were settling back to normal AND my mac was replaced for free (yay), the cats are at it again.  But this time I fear it's my fault. 

Yesterday evening I brought Attie outside with me on her leash and harness, which I do somewhat frequently, and it's never been an issue before.  But she must have stepped on or passed through some scent that Audrey doesn't care for, because just a bit after I brought her back inside, BAM, Audrey went right for her, claws swinging.  I feel terribly guilty that it seems to be my fault that this all has started again, but I honestly wasn't expecting any kind of reaction just because Attie was outside for 10 minutes, 15 tops.  I do this often in the nice weather.  Audrey has never really shown any interest in going outside, but Attie likes it on occasion, and so I bring her out for a little sit or a little stroll every now and again.  Never once upon her return indoors has Audrey raised any kind of a fuss.  But this time she must have felt something was somehow amiss and she attacked, pretty visciously.  And you all know she has big huge claws, but Attie was declawed before I rescued her, so this playing field is not level.

So here we are again, cats separated.  We attempted to get Attie smelling "right" by keeping her in the bedroom overnight with her pink beddie and surrounded by things that smell like both cats and humans.  You know, all the regular smells of the house.  But when we tried again this morning to get the two together, Audrey again went straight for her.  And so I shut Audrey away in the spare room while I went to work for a few hours, leaving Attie with the run of the house, even though I don't know how long it took her to stop vibrating and venture out from under the sofa.  Thankfully I am off work early today, so I'll be using the rest of the afternoon to attempt to fix this.  I just got home and double-dosed both cats with Attie's alprazolam.  (Try not to worry about that, Attie takes a teeeeeensy weensy dose, and I did make sure to call the vet to check on weights and safe dosages.)  I'm currently waiting for it to kick in and take effect.  So basically, and call me a bad cat mommy if you have to, my plan is to dose them dopey, get Audrey into the harness so she can't chase after Attie, and then attempt to get them back in the same room without incident.  Because another 3 months or whatever it was of that separation and rotation is just not going to fly here.  I'll tell you guys it was a major strain on our household and honestly we don't think we can take it again.  Last time this happened we tried valiantly every trick in the book and nothing worked but medicating finally.  So I'm skipping all the rest and going straight there, which sucks and I really do hate it, but if this isn't fixed we will wind up losing a cat, which would break my heart to pieces.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

As soon as we is back, we is gone...

We is starting to think Apple is a little shady. Exactly one year ago, we boughted a brand spanky new MacBook Pro, and it promptly died. Under warranty, it was fixed for free. But now, almost one year to the day of the repair, it has died again. Same problem, the hard drive. We is verreh cranky, and my mommeh is even crankier, saying words I is not allowed to says. So she has to bring it to Apple tomorrow night after she leaves The Work Place, and see what on earth is the matter again - but the prollem is the warranty is up so if it costs much to fix we will not be around for a while, its short on green papers around here lately, and doing bloggies from the cell phone like this is No Good. So... sees you when we sees you. *sigh*