Monday, January 23, 2012

Healing Mine Heart...

Since mine romantikal boyfriendcat has run off to Teh Bridge, I has just been trying to gets mineself together and, after grieving, I is finally starting to get back to a little normality.  But truthfully I has been spending most of mine days since his passing in a bit of a depression:
 And contemplating, while watching teh first snow of teh season.

It will takes a verreh long time to gets over teh love of mine life, but I know'd what I was getting into by falling so hard for a senior mancat...  I just thoughted he would be older when he wented to Teh Bridge.  It was too soon, but it was what was best for him I see, riddled wif hidden cancers as he was.  But I knows that, as a young ladycat, he would wants me to enjoy teh prime of mine life.  And so I shall picks up and try to move on, but he will be in mine heart foreber.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mine Lautrec Has Run Off To Teh Bridge.

I can not believes mine Most Wunnerful Beloved Mancat has passed.  I has no words.  And worse off than me, his mommeh is hurting beyond belief.  Please emails me at if you would likes her contact info to sends her some comfort.  I know she will not minds my giving it if it is for her Lolove.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Purrs and Purrayers for Mine Lolove.

Mine wunnerful and romantikal and ever optimistic mancat boyfriend Lolo is verreh sick.  Please click his piksher here to stop over at his bloggie and joins us in a purr for his recovery.