Monday, June 18, 2012

Back!!! Wif a brand new novelty!

Checky out whats weeeeeeeeee got!

This wunnerful shelfy thing goes up teh whole doorway...

...all teh way up to HERE!!!

Lazerz set on full stun from sniper perch.

Room for two up here.

Even better when it's just lovely me.

Yup, I coulds realleh gets used to this.
 I claims this skyshelf in teh name of Autumn Marie.

Hey Cakebutt!  I sees you up there!  Off mine skyshelf!

Quick note from Mommeh:  Kitties and friends!  As you all can see, the girls are getting along better and better, and it's time I turned the bloggie back over to Attie, who is definitely feeling much better and more like herself.  Her current medications are keeping her even and in time she will unlearn her recent behavioral mistakes.  As of now she and Miss AudreyCake have begun to play together again, even though there may still be a small spat if things get too rough, but it's clear sailing for the most part.  And so, Mommeh bids you all adieu - the girls will begin posting for themselves again and will be around for visits to you all very soon.